Este artículo puede encausar nuevos criadores por la inspiradora historia que fue Curtis que fue real y que quedara como ejemplo para las futuras generaciones de galleros. Y con este gusto la hacemos pública. Tomada de la revista Grit and Steel en su número conmemorativo de 100 años de estar dando la información para los amantes de este deporte, mayo de 1999.

Como bien se narra de el, fue de familia humilde pero llego a tener mucha fama y enfrentar a gallos muy buenos que por aquella epoca solo los podian ser de personas adineradas.  Y todo esto gracias a la paciente crianza de Curtis y el cariño por sus gallos.

Debido a su dedicacion a ellos llego a escalar altos peldaños dentro del deposrte de los reyes. Se hizo famoso con los giros que fueron llamados Bumblefoot, ademas de tener gallos Hatch y Kelsos.

La palabra Bumblefoot significa callo, y estos giros tenian la facilidad de desarrollar callos en las planta de las patas pero eso si eran en verdad muy buenos.  La procedencia original de estos giros fue la cruza de las sangres de los gallos Kelso que Curtis obtuvo de el Señor Walter Kelso y los giros Law.  Estos giros tenian dos caracteristicas: eran muy buenos en la pelea y la mayoria desarrollaban callos en las patas, de ahi el nombre.

My tribute to Curtis Blackwell. By Hack Lauderdale.

At the 100th Anniversary of the Grit and Steel magazine this history was told. The Lord of Bumble foot Greys, Curtis Blackwell. Este articulo fue tomado de la revista Grit and Steel de mayo de 1999.

Mr. Blackwell was known for three of fowl. His Kelso fowl which he acquired from Mr. Walter Kelso in 1949 his McLean in 1949 and his own Bumble foot Greys that he made by blending a Law Grey cock with the Hatch Kelso fowl. It has been said that the Sport of Cockfighting is the only sport where rich and poor have an equal chance of winning. Mr. Blackwell proved this as he started out with nothing and made his way to the top of our sport. Anyone that knew Mr. Blackwell.

I met Curtis Blackwell in 1968, at that time I brought some Grey´s from him. Because I liked them so well, in 1970 I ask him to ship me more grey chickens, but he sent me some Hatch chickens. I bred them anyway, but later I called him and I asked him why he had sent Hatch chickens instead of Grey´s he told me I needed them and I did. In 1980, I tried to buy a show of Grey cocks, for Sunset.

Curtis told me he didn´t want to sell them, but he told he would loan me a show. I won 5 and lost 3. I had slipped the spurs on 3 of the cocks, but I put the hulls back on and taped the spurs. About a week later, I called Curtis as I wanted to take a show to Arizona. Curtis told me he didn´t want to sell me any cock. When I ask him why, he told “how would you like it if I pulled your fingernails off and had you pick up silver dollars off the floor.”

I told him I was not a professional cocker. He told me when he saw me he would teach me how to hell a cock, and he did. I have never hulled a spur since.

Five days later, Mrs. Blackwell called and told me to pick up 20 cocks at San Francisco Airport. Curtis had shipped me Hatch cocks, which I took to Arizona. I won the Duke Hulsey Tribute.


In 1982 while we were at Sunset, we decided to have a couple of drinks. Curtis had a bottle of vodka, a bottle of V.O., a quart of orange juice and a quart of prune juice. I picked up the prune juice and took a sip. I liked the sweet taste, so he told me the VO and the prune was mine, and he would drink the vodka and OJ. I told him it was OK with me.

That was on a Saturday, needless to say on Sunday I didn´t see many fights as I spent most of the day afraid to sneeze or cough.

When I flew home on Monday, I spent the entire time in the airplane´s restroom. The stewardess could not get me to take my seat even for the landing of the plane. By the time I got home, I had lost 9 lbs., and I couldn´t touch my bottom with my powder puff. I would never let Curtis mix me another drink and don’t fool with prune juice.

Curtis taught me many fine things about the roosters. In my opinion, Curtis was one of best breeders´ in the last 40 years and was a very fine gentleman. Curtis was a Dear friend and like a brother to me. I have many fond memories and lots of stories about him. May Curtis and Mrs. Blackwell rest in peace.